About Allied Steel Fabricators

Mission Statement

To provide the materials, expertise, and workmanship to customers in order to deliver a product that exceeds all expectations while fostering an environment that encourages personal and corporate growth for employees as well as the company in general.

Vision Statement

To explore opportunities and expand into processes and markets which will continue to provide growth and diversity thereby insulating employees and stakeholders from economic market fluctuations while continuing to support customers with innovative, cost effective products and services.


"Old World Craftsmanship with Modern Day Style."

Company Objectives

For our customers:
  • To achieve customer satisfaction levels superior to our market competitors
  • To be responsive and adaptive to our customers needs in the development and delivery of each product or product line.
  • To provide a durable, custom crafted product, which is superior to our competitors' finished goods while exceeding all customer expectations.
For our employees
  • To attract and retain talented, skilled individuals by providing compensation and benefit programs that are equal to, or superior to similarly positioned businesses within our market.
  • To foster a work environment that values individual differences, and encourages creativity, innovation, teamwork, and a sense of pride in each employee.
  • To provide employees the opportunity for advancement within the company based on their personal skills and abilities.
  • To provide a safe work environment which protects employees from occupational hazards.
For the company
  • To strengthen core competencies and competitive advantages.
  • To perform at financial levels that allow Allied Steel to continue to grow, thereby providing stakeholders and employees with continued financial independence.


Michael Exe founded Allied Steel Fabricators, Inc. in 1984. Working out of a 1,200 square foot building, the company focused on structural steel projects. These early projects frequently incorporated unique features, which attracted the attention of corporate display managers from major retail stores. By the late 1980's Allied Steel was producing custom display stands and products for a number of local retailers in addition to providing structural steel and handrail services to area contractors.

Growth in the retail display field continued as Allied Steel expanded and refined its capabilities. By hiring innovative craftsmen Allied Steel continued to develop and fabricate unique and creative products, recognized for their quality and attention to detail. This led to a doubling of the size of the fabrication facility in 1986, and again in 2003. The 2003 expansion led to a new building for the structural steel division providing adequate floor space and an overhead crane, which has allowed for much larger and more complex structural projects. The expansion into the new building also resulted in a much larger workspace in the original building for the retail division, eventually leading to the purchase of the Trumpf laser cutter allowing for faster and more cost effective production. "From earrings to I-beams" Allied Steel produces a wide array of products that constantly exceed customer expectations.

Founder Mike Exe passed away in December 2003 but his legacy lives on. Mike's determination, dedication and innovation paved the way for what the company is today, and continues to serve as motivation for those who knew and worked with him for so many years. The company continues to be owned by the Exe family.

Go Man Go Award

To encourage and recognize the qualities and innovative spirit that were synonymous with Mike Exe, Allied Steel awards one employee each quarter the "Go Man Go" Award. Each employee gets a vote as to who should receive the reward, then the votes are tallied and the winner is awarded the Go Man Go Trophy. The award, created in 2003, was named "Go Man Go" for the three words you could always depend on Mike Exe saying on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. His inspiration continues to drive the company forward with that same "take it on" attitude.